MTP Celebrates 5th Anniversary & Cherishing Liberty

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On a beautiful September 11, 2015 evening the Manassas Tea Party returned to its roots by celebrating its 5th anniversary at the site of its big 2010 kick-off rally – Harris Pavilion in old town Manassas.  With an event theme of “Cherishing Liberty” – Honoring the Past, Building the Future, members and the many MTP friends and supporters gathered on this Patriot Day to experience the many aspects of this grand evening. Many who attended came away indicating it was truly one of the best, most inspiring events we have held since our 2010 start.

We began the event by enjoying a Welcome Reception “soiree” where over delicious food and some Virginia-crafted beer, wine, and hard cider the camaraderie of friends and fellow members was enhanced by the beautiful sunset and perfect temps.

Starting the ceremony in a stirring tribute of imagery and music we remembered the heroes who fought and died for this country from the Revolutionary War though today, but particularly those of 9/11/01 who we will never forget. American courage and sacrifice was evident as image after image spooled across the screen, reminding us that we’re far from being the first Americans to face difficult times.

Following the singing of the Star Spangled Banner by all present and recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, James Manship, aka George Washington provided a heartfelt Invocation.

Chairman Dan Arnold Delivers Inspiring Remarks

MTP Chairman Dan Arnold then gave a brief history and highlights of the organization’s last five years, especially being targeted by the IRS.  In very stirring remarks he then went on to describe how our Liberty has never been more threatened and we must rededicate ourselves to protecting our freedoms and to preserve our community, our commonwealth and our Republic.  This sentiment was the theme of the evening by all the speakers.  Arnold’s remarks were truly inspiring and are available below in text and video forms.  We then welcomed three great Titans of the Liberty movement as our guests, Martha Boneta, Ken Cuccinelli, and Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas.

MTP 5th Anniversary Event Chairman Remarks

Martha Boneta – Buoying Patriot Spirits 

Our next guest speaker was the MTP’s 2014 Freedom Fighter Award winner, Virginia’s dynamic property rights heroine, Martha Boneta, who took on authoritarian overreach and collusion and won.  Her rousing speech spoke of patriots like those in the audience who have unshakable convictions to protect America’s values and dreams, and the great power we have when we work together and never give up.

Ken Cuccinelli – Defender of Federal Encroachment

Next to the dais was the vaunted defender of federalism in our beloved commonwealth, former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.  Ken was the keynote speaker for our 2010 “Defend the Constitution” rally as at the time he had initiated a lawsuit against Obamacare.  This year he continued his defense of Federalism encroaching on our Liberties as he brought suit against NSA for collecting phone data, contending it violates the Fourth Amendment because it constitutes an impermissible seizure and an unreasonable search.  In his speech to the MTP besides describing the special place in his heart he has for property rights, he lauds the many qualities of our special guest, Congressman Louie Gohmert.

Congressman Louie Gohmert Receives MTP’s 2015 Freedom Fighter Award

Our 2015 Freedom Fighter Award was then presented to our special guest, Congressman Louie Gohmert from Texas. There are precious few politicians in Washington whose sole focus is on securing constitutional liberties, to heck with the criticism, and Congressman Gohmert is at the very top of that short list. A tireless voice for all the things that have made America the greatest nation in world history, he boldly stands on America’s founding principles and is constantly coming up with big, innovative ideas solidly based on Constitutional fundamentals. Congressman Gohmert, is one of the most fearless fighters for common sense, common decency and Liberty in all of American government. He is despised and reviled by the Left but he just keeps on keepin on.  But in addition to being a great Congressman, Louie Gohmert is also a good and decent man, someone we should emulate.   And so for all these reasons we very proudly presented the Manassas Tea Party’s 2015 Freedom Fighter Award to Congressman Louie Gohmert.  Here are his remarks following being presented the award.

Finally, enjoy this gallery of photos from the event.