McAuliffe After Commonwealth Citizen’s Guns

Posted sanctuary_hill Losing Liberties

Commonwealth Governor Terry McAuliffe has issued an Executive Order impacting all Virginia firearms owners and future firearms owners.  As detailed in an excellent post by Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) President Philip Van Cleave, much of the order is political posturing and grandstanding, and is seen as an obvious attempt to pay back Michael Bloomberg’s $1M governor election campaign support.

But there are also serious issues involved with this Executive Order starting with banning guns from Virginia government buildings.  Besides making citizens within those buildings less safe (since only the criminals will have guns) is the legality of making such an order.  McAuliffe is attempting to make law and as students learned in Government 101,the Executive Branch does not make laws, the Legislative Branch does. Another serious concern of this order is rather innocent requirements like setting up a joint task force to prosecute gun crimes is just a scheme to push for Universal Background Checks, the next incremental step to firearms confiscation.

VCDL is watching the execution of this Executive Order closely and is preparing to take legal action if necessary. We wish them much success as our gun rights may depend on it.