Vote March 1 in Presidential Primary Election

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Ready to Vote?

March 1 @ 6:00 am7:00 pm

i-voted1Voting is a privilege and a duty.  So much damage has been done in the last 7 years it is critical we *s*elect the presidential candidate ready to get about reversing that damage and getting America back on track.  So we strongly encourage you to vote.

Information on voting in the Prince William County area such as polling locations, candidates on the ballot, absentee voting and the like is available HERE.

There is no voter registration by political party in Virginia. Any registered voter may vote in the Presidential Primary Election; however, no voter shall vote for the candidate of more than one political party. This means voters may choose to vote in only the Republican Presidential Primary or the Democratic Presidential Primary, but cannot vote in both. Voters in the Republican Presidential Primary are NO LONGER required to sign an Affiliation Statement.  That requirement has been removed. 

New Voting Machines

The old touch-screen display voting machines in Prince William County have been replaced.  Paper ballots have replaced them. Voters will be able to mark their ballots in partitioned voting booths.  As this election has so many contests it’s important for voters to know that the paper ballot will have contests on both sides.  Voters should fill in both sides of the ballot.

Once they’ve marked their ballots, they will insert the ballot – any side up –to be counted. Feeding a ballot into the new voting equipment is very much like feeding money into a self-checkout register or a vending machine.  The paper ballots will provide an accurate record of voter intent and will keep a complete record of the vote in case of a recount.  Here is a video on the new voting machines.

In-Person Absentee Voting Available

If you can’t make it to the polls on March 1, you still can vote.  If any of the following apply to you, you are likely eligible to vote absentee, which means that you can cast your vote ahead of time at designated voting locations.
You may be eligible to vote absentee if:
  • You commute and work long hours or plan to travel outside the County for business or leisure
  • You are a student or spouse of a student attending school outside the County
  • You are a military member or the spouse or dependent of a military member
  • You are pregnant or have an illness or disability
  • You are a first responder
  • You are the caretaker for an ill or disabled family member
  • You are confined awaiting trial
  • You have a religious obligation on Election Day
  • You have been designated to work all day at a voting precinct at which you cannot vote
Details on locations and hours to vote absentee in person until February 27 are available HERE.  Now you are ready to vote!