MTP LogoThe Manassas Tea Party was founded in May 2010 as an issues advocacy organization starting with a modest group of 40 or so concerned citizens representing patriots from the greater Manassas area.  Since that time we have grown to a membership of several hundred patriots.

Our organization in 2010 submitted paperwork to the Internal Revenue Service requesting non-profit status as a 501(c)4 organization, but the IRS failed to respond until the 2012 election cycle.   At that time they demanded intrusive and highly detailed information about the group and attempted to intimidate us.  We know now our group was part of the IRS targeting of tea parties, patriot groups and conservative groups seeking non-profit status.  We did ultimately receive our tax-exempt status in January, 2013, well after the 2012 election.   The Manassas Tea Party is one of many tea party groups that has filed a lawsuit against the IRS for its unlawful conduct.

The Manassas Tea Party does not endorse any candidates.

Mission Statement

The Manassas Tea Party exists to restore the Republic to constitutional principles in our community of the City of Manassas, the City of Manassas Park, Prince William County and the Commonwealth of Virginia. We will INFORM about the issues of the day, INFLUENCE friends and neighbors to engage, and INSPIRE those around us with a message of hope.

Vision Statement

We seek a community where liberty and self-government are restored as the dominant American ideals. We envision a socio-political and cultural landscape where the rights of all are seen as originating from God, where the rule of law is supreme, where limited government is a reality, where the branches of government operate in healthy tension, where the Commonwealth is seen as sovereign, and where private property is respected and protected.


In agreement with our mission statement the Manassas Tea Party has performed a variety of activities to inform citizenry in constitutional principles, influencing our friends and neighbors, and inspired those around us.   Here are a few of our past activities.

Briefly a few additional highlights of many other activities of the Manassas Tea Party in our first five years:

  • In 2010 when Congressman Gerry Connolly was running for re-election, MTP produced a series of edgy spoof videos modeled after the hit television program “Intervention” in which we expressed our love and concern for brother Gerry as he struggled with his terrible addiction to taxing and spending. The first of the four Intervention videos is available HERE.
  • As part of being a force for positive change in our community we engaged in the Adopt-a-Road program, cleaning a three mile stretch of Ronald Reagan Highway (Route 234 Bypass).
  • Starting in 2011 the Manassas Tea Party has been a constant voice for reducing the property tax burden at the local level, particularly Manassas City.  We have notified and explained to the community  impending increases, challenged legislators, created petitions, organized the largest group of citizens to speak during the public hearing for the increase, and other activities to create a united opposition to large property tax increases.
  • We received international attention in 2012 when news of a Presidential Straw Poll we conducted gets picked up by media including a British TV network, who interviewed us.
  • On a July 4, 2012 evening while crowds assembled to enjoy fireworks a group of MTP members emerged to recite the Declaration of Independence in a first ever flash mob recitation. The truths and principles of the Declaration of Independence are just as important today as in 1776, and the reason we celebrate Independence Day.That historic event is recorded HERE.
  • Starting in 2014 we present an annual honorary award, our Freedom Fighter Award, to recognize a patriot who has demonstrated exceptional efforts to defend Constitutional principles. In 2014 our award winner was Martha Boneta, Virginia’s dynamic property rights heroine who took on authoritarian overreach and collusion and won.  In 2015 an award-winning documentary was made about her experience.  See it HERE.  Our 2015 Freedom Fighter Award winner was Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert.  There are precious few politicians in Washington whose sole focus is on securing constitutional liberties, to heck with the criticism, and Congressman Gohmert is at the very top of that short list.  Details on why Congressman Gohmert was selected and his acceptance speech are available HERE.
  • In August, 2014 MTP sponsored one of the most well-attended events in our history, a debate on the issue of Article V, the Convention of States.  Held at a NOVA Community College theater, every seat was filled; people stood in aisles and spilled into theater lobby for opportunity to witness debate.  Attendees traveled from as far as Richmond and Shenandoah Valley and are still buzzing over the spirited repartee between the debaters and most agreed they learned more on the subject that night then they could’ve imagined. A full recording of the event is available HERE.  The MTP is not associated with the organization that recorded the event.
  • Not just all about business, the Manassas Tea Party has held numerous social events from an American Classic Summer Pot Luck Social, to several Election Watch Parties and Presidential Debates Watch Parties and a Christmas party.
  • As part of our mission to inform and educate about issues of the day we regularly have special guest speakers at our meetings. A few of the many who have appeared are:
    • David Freddoso, nationally known conservative pundit, Washington Times columnist and bestselling author discussing his book Gangster Government.
    • John Taylor, Tertum Quids blog writer and Virginia Institute for Public Policy concerning Virginia legislative session, and Virginia politics.
    • Reagan George from Virginia Voters Alliance concerning voter fraud and working at the polls.
    • Virginia Former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli spoke about his lawsuit against Federal NSA spying.
    • Mark Morano of the Climate Depot talking about the climate and energy hoaxes.
    • Philip Van Cleave, President ofVirginia Citizens Defense League spoke about Virginian’s rights to bear arms.
    • Sylvia Ross, addressing the important topic of Muslim Sharia Law compared to the US Constitution.
  • And we celebrated our fifth anniversary in a special way on September 11, 2015 with guest speakers: Virginia Former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli; Martha Boneta, the Virginia dynamic property rights heroine, and special guest and 2015 Freedom Fighter Award Winner Congressman Louie Gohmert. A complete report of the event including videos and pictures is HERE.

MTP Today

Today the Manassas Tea Party has grown to several hundred members and many other supporters at large.

As a 501(c)4 our group is governed by our By Laws, which are designed to both protect and enable our activities. Our board members meet regularly. We also have frequent meetings of the larger organization where we bring in speakers, discuss what is going on in Manassas. We get involved with our community and act as a united voice on various matters.

You can connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (links to both in bottom right corner of page). We welcome your participation. Get involved!! As much or as little as you can.

Your city, the greater Manassas and Prince William County, Virginia, and your country need you. Now truly is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country/state/county.