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A Great Debate It Was!



The Article V Great Debate is now one for the history books.   We thank the multitudes who attended, our organizers who put the event together, NOVA Manassas campus for the theater, but most especially the debaters Delegate Bob Marshall, Mike Farris, and in particular moderator Ken Cuccinelli.



 Images courtesy of Greg Letiecq.

Turnout to the debate was fantastic.  Attendees traveled from all points around the state such as Richmond and the Shenandoah Valley. With 180-200 present, every seat was filled, people stood in the aisles and the back of the theater, and even spilled into the theater lobby for the opportunity to witness the Article V Great Debate. This response is a testiment to the concern Commonwealth citizens have with the direction of our nation.

 Image courtesy of Ian Lovejoy.

We hope everyone who attended came away better informed about the merits and risks of states convening a convention to amend our Constitution. Certainly  Delegate Marshall and Michael Farris did a great job of presenting both positions.  The Manassas Tea Party hosted this debate as part of our educational mission and did not conduct the debate to promote either position.  


 Image courtesy of Fairfax Free Citizen.

If you were unable to attend the Great Debate, there is excellent detailed coverage of the event, with points made and responses to audience questions HERE courtesy the Fairfax Free Citizen. Numerous video recordings were made of the event as well. The first to be made publically available is HERE. MTP is not associated with this organization.

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Should there be a convention of states to amend the Constitution to limit Federal abuse of powers?